Midnight Wanderers: Night outs in Stockholm

A couple of months ago, just before exams of P1, when we were grappling with VHDL codes late night in Electrum, my friend Abu started reminiscing how he spent his last 6 months in India roaming around streets of Delhi late night, and now we’re all buried under books. And it just came to us, let’s see how is Stockholm past midnight.

As we traveled towards T-Centralen, nearly all the metro stations and streets were empty. And this ticked a thought in my mind. From the day I had landed in Stockholm, I’ve been craving to do a photo project on Stockholm tunnelbana, but getting a speckless picture was quite difficult because most of the beautiful stations are the busiest ones as well. So finally, I found this window of opportunity. So, from past two months, on Friday or Saturday, the two days when metro runs all night, we decide a random metro station and then explore the nearby areas as well.

It wasn’t dark at much dark till midnight when we arrived in Stockholm

Captured near the old town – Gamla stan
AF Chapman, The famous Boat Hostel, captured form Strömbron
Monteliusvagen, one of my favorite spots in Stockholm, unarguably the best cityscape
View of City Hall from Monteliusvagen
The view is really captivating past midnight (My hands nearly froze while capturing this)
Walking down Söder Mälarstrand is always a pleasure, shot while walking past the lively ship restaurants towards Långholmen

Cobblestoned Strand in front of the Royal Palace
We were wandering around Kungsgatan when I saw this picturesque staircase
Lost in a park near Trekanten
Photographing Tunnelbana – well that’s how we pass time while waiting for next train
The hardest part of being out during nights is waiting for bus on a breezy-rainy day

Finally, I’ve covered most of the beautiful portions of “World’s Longest Art Gallery”, just one more name left to check off from the list, and then I can publish them. Stay tuned till this weekend for a short trip to Stockholm Tunnelbana(Metro).

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