Watching Stockholm from the Top

One of the most intriguing thoughts that comes in a photographer’s mind while strolling through streets of any beautiful place is “how would this place look from the top”The same thing happened to me when I started exploring Stockholm. The hilly terrain of Stockholm definitely gives chances to quench that yearning to observe the cityscape from above.

With my camera and a couple of friends I explored a lot of such places and out of all of them, I absolutely loved three places – Monteliusvägen, Katrinahissen, and Skyview (GPS Locations in links). So enjoy the views of Stockholm from these places in the following photographs.


This is one of my favorite spots in the city. Every time we go there, we take a long walk from Slussen to this hill and then walk along all those fancy ship restaurants on Söder Mälarstrand to catch a tunnelbana from Hornstull. That walk is full of picturesque views and one of our favorite things to do during night outs in that part of Stockholm.

Looking towards City Hall from Monteliusvaägen
Centralbron – this bridge connects Gamla Stan to Södermalm


Katrinahissen used to be a public elevator connecting Slussen below to Södermalm above, Originally built in 1883 and replaced by an electrified version in 1935, it ceased to be operational in 2010, now there is a plan to restore it to back to working condition by 2019 again. It is next to the Slussen tunnelbana, you can climb 100 odd stairs to get on top of it and see the catchy cityscape of Stockholm from a height of 125 metres above.

You can see a lot of places including Gamla Stan, City hall from the top.
On a distant island, the amusement park Gröna Lund is visible


Yeah, you go in a spherical gondola for the ride on to the top of the spherical dome of the Ericsson Globe Arena, at the height of 130 meters, the view is definitely breathtaking, and it’s a 360° view all around. When your ride’s time comes up, you’ll be brought into a small theater, where you’ll see some ads about the arena around and a receive a safety briefing. Total time of film and gondola ride is 30 minutes. The ticket for this ride is worth 150 SEK. It’s advised to book in advance (online or over the phone), as only 14 people can go up at once. This is the view form the top:

These are my 3 favourite top-view spots. If you have any recommendations for better views, just leave a comment below.

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