Two weeks in Trento

This summer, I went in Trento in northern Italy, attending a summer school at Uni-Trento. Lot’s of things happened on the trip which made it even more memorable, I took a loooong bus ride to reach Trento from Stockholm, went on a sponsored “study” trip to Venice and even went on a hike to nearby Riva Del Garda.

The main highlight of this trip was the two-week stay in Trento. Not only I got to stay in warm 30°C weather for a couple of weeks. I also got a taste of Italy, Trento sits at the heart of Adige River valley in the Alpine region of Italy. Honestly, before going to Trento, I didn’t even know that there are any Alps in Italy. Guess what, I’m not the only one, a majority of people want to empty their wallets in Switzerland in the name of the Alps. This obscurity among tourists come as a blessing in disguise for Trento, most of the famous Italian cities are flooded by tourists which are not a very desirable thing, at least for me.

The Valley

Anywhere you go in Trento, you’ll find lots of Apple and vineyards. And yeah cherry and plum trees.
I used to be free by 5 PM every day, I tried to make use of the bright hours to take a stroll around the valley.

Well, we used to notice a “Gandhi Road” in every city of India. Guess what via Gandhi also translates to the same.


I am not a solo traveler, to be honest, I enjoy traveling if I have a company. And luckily for me, I found a couple of awesome people, who were attending the same summer school with me, were from KTH and also loved traveling. So we explored most of the places together, made our pizza-hunt excursions together and strolled around the city together too.

As a pleasant surprise, one of my friends at KTH who is from Trento happened to be at his home at the same time, so when he discovered that I was in his hometown, he invited all of us for lunch, and I had the best Pasta-pesto I’ve ever had in my life. Fresh and homemade, what could be better!

Pasta + Pesto = Bliss
What a picturesque place to have a dining table

The Town

It turned out to be a happening and lively town, it was even better because we went during the week of patron saint day of Saint Vigilius. So there were a lot of celebrations and fireworks going on. It felt like a carnival.

Trento Cathedral


How can I miss the food in a blog about an Italian town We went on a lot of Pizza-crawls. And I must say it was a love at first bite with the Italian pizza. We tried nearly all the popular restaurants. The Italian coffee is also something worth trying.

The valley was full of free fruits!



Lakes around

But it’s not all about Trento valley, the Trentino region has around 200 lakes. And there are a couple of them minutes away from Trento, 4-5 stops with the train. So obviously we went to some.

Not just the lakes, but the paths leading to them were also mesmerising

And the lakes had breathtaking views too!

You will find a lot of camping sites around the lakes!
Most of them are pretty reachable, and even the train stations have great views.
Can sunsets be more beautiful?
Lakes + Valleys = Awesomeness
This was Caldonazzo lake

Ciao amici, I’d definitely recommend Trento and the places around it for a perfect summer trip!


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