Norway #2: Cities • Cabins • Colors


When it comes to exploring cities in Europe, I am a bit reluctant, especially when someone recommends going to the “old town” (I know there would be cobblestoned streets, a church, a town hall and a lot of expensive cafés).

However, Oslo turned out to be a pleasant surprise, a city flooded with modern architecture and music, we explored the area around the Opera House in Oslo for a couple of hours before setting off to our cabin in the countryside.


Bergen was a place that nearly everyone who had been to Norway recommended us, so we had kept a lot of time to explore this city. As it turned out in the land of Trolls, our GPS decided to troll us, in fact the same thing happened in Oslo as well, I guess the car GPS doesn’t work well in any Norwegian city, so we wanted to go to a place called Fløibanen, and our GPS took us on a merry go round trip on same highway half a dozen times for over an hour and then the next big problem of cities, Parking! So we ended up spending way less time in Bergen than planned, but it turned out to be a beautiful city.

The funny part was, when we were going back to pick our car to leave Bergen, we see this place Fløibanan, right in front of us, mocking us, we laughed at ourselves and left Bergen to our next destination.


Molde was another scenic city where we stopped to grab breakfast before heading towards the Atlantic Road

Seems like my friends found quite an attractive place to eat under

The Cabins!

The biggest advantage of spending a lot of time in planning a trip is, one can explore a lot of options for accommodation. So, we decided to not stay in any of the cities. We booked all of our stays in cabins, one on the highway, one in a village, one next to a river and the last one was the most unique, a mountain cabin, without electricity. All thanks to Airbnb!

That’s our first cabin, a well-maintained cabin in Geilo, with an awesome view.

The one with river view, right in the mid of Aurland Valley.

And then the last one, without electricity.

How do you survive without electricity, – candle, and fireplace!
A mountain cabin in the middle of nowhere, right next to a stream and a river.
And there were sheep!



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