Norway #3: Routes • Rocks • Rain

Norwegian Routes

What’s the best part of a road trip, of course, ROADS! and when it’s Norway, it becomes even better, driving across Fjords, tunnels, bridges, narrow roads, valleys, it was all unforgettable. While I wasn’t driving, I was shooting 😉 here are some of the views of Norwegian routes. The most scenic was Route 5, Route 63, & Route 64.

When Norway starts resembling Iceland, somewhere on Route 63.

World’s Longest tunnel.
These bridges are unique, it’s fun driving up on them.
That’s from Trollstigen, one of the most scenic roads. Don’t believe me? see this 360° view of Trollstigen.

The Iconic, Atlantic Ocean road.
You need to take car ferries to cross Fjords, we took four of them.

Random Stops

We took regular stops at any great view.

ow can you not stop when you see something like this, we filled our water bottles from the stream coming from this Glacier.
Sometimes we stopped for fun.
Sometimes to relax (well two of us drove 3000 kilometers in less than 5 days.

And then some stops were too obvious, for hiking towards mesmerising hilltops.

And some lakes and fjords were too beautiful to resist.



2 thoughts on “Norway #3: Routes • Rocks • Rain

  1. Routes • Rocks • Rain = Rocked
    After viewing your earlier Norwegian Blog…I decided not to view in mobile small screen…
    Just synched with smart view with 75 Inch TV..

    Picture perfection made me to call my family members & they enjoyed all your 5 Norwegian blogs.


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