Norway #4: Wheels • Waterfalls • Wanderlust


If you ask me what I enjoyed most on this trip, I’d surely say Driving, who won’t enjoy driving on such scenic roads, especially when you are driving a V70, we ended up naming our car – Estrella. So here are some pictures with Estrella.


With such a rocky terrain, there were bound to be waterfalls, but to my surprise, these waterfalls turned out to be amazingly beautiful.

Vøringsfossen – Norway’s highest waterfall

you can imagine the height of this waterfall, that red building on the top is 3 floor high.

Steinsdalsfossen – The waterfall you can walk under

This place looked totally out of world, from a fairytale.

Random waterfalls en route

And then there were a lot of waterfalls along the road, and some were so appealing that we decided to stop there for sometime.




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