Norway #5: Sky • Sheep • Snow

The Glacier

Our initial plan was to hike up to Trolltunga, and we even completed a figment of the hike (though the toughest part), but then our preparations were not good enough for the weather and marshy conditions there, so we decided to keep it for the next trip.

Disappointed, we arrived to our cabin in Jondal. Turns out our host was owner of a skiing company, so when he got to know about our failed hike, he suggested us to go to a glacier nearby where he takes people for skiing, turns out, this was Norway’s third largest Glacier – Folgefonna.

The drive towards the glacier was one of the most scenic.
And when we arrived there, we were welcomed by this view.
and this!
Random Glacier selfie.

norwayblog5s-a03 norwayblog5s-a04norwayblog5s-a05

And the view on the other side was even better.


What will you find most in Norwegian countryside – sheep, all around, and they all have names.

norwayblog5s-b00 norwayblog5s-b01 norwayblog5s-b02 norwayblog5s-b03

The Norwegian Goodbye – Skies

We arrived at Atlantic road quite early on our last day, and now we had to drive continously for around 1000 kilometers all night to reach Stockholm next day. Since we were already driving this much, we decided to take a little detour to a village called Hessdalen famous for a unique thing. We didn’t get to see that, but when we were returning from there, we suddenly noticed that it was so dark there that we could see the milky way.

Milky way.
And we saw a couple of shooting stars as well !

Now as we started moving, one of my friends noticed something green in the sky, and then it kept getting greener. Yeah, we saw the northern lights, and not for few minutes, they were there for more than 4 hours.

norwayblog5s-c02 norwayblog5s-c03

And that’s how Norway happily bid us goodbye and we came back home with zillions of unforgettable memories and an awesome experience.





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