An Evening in Gothenburg

This week I had the chance to visit Gothenburg. A beautiful city on the west coast of Sweden. I must confess, that I have traveled a lot in one year, but in Sweden, I have traveled very less. So it was the second city I was visiting after Stockholm and it turned out to be a nice experience.

Ironically, I was there on the day of winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. So I had not much choice than to wander the dark streets, which is not a problem for me as I’ve been wandering at nights all the time in Stockholm as well.

The city was beautifully decorated with all the Christmas lights and the streets were empty because of the holiday season: an Ideal situation for a photographer.

There was a lot more to see in the city than these places, but that won’t be any problem because I would be soon moving to Gothenburg for my thesis starting this February. Yep, bye bye StockHOME, having lived here for a year, I feel kind of homesick already.

So expect some blogs about Gothenburg this spring. And a lot of blogs about my thesis work (If the confidentiality agreement allows) 😉

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