A few days in Austrian Alps!

Last year, when I was riding on a bus from Munich to Trento (Italy), the bus passed through the heart of Austrian Alps, Innsbruck. The landscape from the bus window was itself so mesmerizing that I made a promise to myself to come back here next year. This summer, although I was trapped in Sweden with my thesis work, I made sure to take out a couple of weeks to visit Switzerland, Austria, and a little bit of Germany. I would say the most beautiful part of this trip was the time I spent in the Austria.

The bus ride

This time also, I took the same bus ride from Munich but my bus journey ended at Innsbruck. This is one of the most scenic bus journeys and the views were mesmerizing as these:


Instead of doing the usual, let’s see the city thing, I spent all out my time there outside the city. And I must say, it is a must-visit place. Innsbruck is situated in a valley with the river Inn flowing through the valley. One can go on the hills on both sides of the valley and have amazing views of the city and see the beautiful Austrian countryside. Here are some pictures:

View of Innsbruck city from the top of Nordkette mountain

I wandered farther away from the city into a village called Lans, which turned out to be surprisingly quiet and outstandingly beautiful. A cherry on the cake, the weather was also good, and after the sunset, the sky turned purple. The view was unforgettable!


I took a day trip out of Innsbruck to see the “Fjord of Austria” – Achensee. It’s a lake around one hour away from Innsbruck between steep mountains. The 16€ cable car ride was totally worth it with a striking view of the lake from the top of the mountain, a lot of paragliders setting off from there, this place is a skiing paradise in winter.

I went to some places in Switzerland and Germany as well, I also spent a couple of weekends camping around the Gothenburg Archipelago. Will share them in the upcoming blogs if I get a chance!

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