About Abhineet

Welcome to th blog! 

My name is Abhineet Singh Tomar,  I studied the Master’s program in Embedded Systems from 2015 to 2017 at KTH with my specialization in Embedded Electronics. I was an active blogger at KTH during this time. Now, I work at Volvo Group Trucks Technology in Gothenburg as a Hardware Engineer in the Advanced Engineering section of the Electrical Engineering Department.

I belong to the historic city of Gwalior situated in the central part of India. I completed my bachelors in Electronics Engineering in 2012 and then worked for three years before coming to Sweden.

I have always been fascinated with the idea of living in the Nordic Region, watching Aurora Borealis, experiencing the awesome summers and dark winters, exploring the myriad archipelago and different cultures. And the best part is, after coming to Sweden, I was able to do a lot of stuff on my bucket list. KTH turned out to be the best platform to do a lot of things apart from just studying and I had two of the best years of my life here.

About this blog

As of September 2017, I am no longer active as a KTH blogger. I have always believed, that pictures are the best way to convey any story, so with photographs, I tried to document my student life throughout the time at KTH. I have written plenty of blogs to help new students and to help them settle down in Stockholm.

This blog has been a great channel to let people experience things through my lens. The idea behind the name of this blog, “Living a Lagom Life” was pretty interesting. Before arriving in Sweden, when I was reading about unique Swedish things, I came across this gem of Swedish vocabulary – Lagom.  Lagom is a unique Swedish word that doesn’t have any English equivalent. However, this word presents a very Swedish sense of having everything in balance, It could be translated to “Just Enough”, “Fair Share”, “Just Right”, “Not too much or too little”. Basically, it works in numerous contexts, just like it worked perfectly for me.

The motive behind this blog was to write content for everyone. If you intend to be a student at KTH, you could get an idea of how is the life here. If you’re already a student here, you could surely relate to a lot of things I wrote and if you’re alumni, I’m sure you’ll felt the nostalgia.

I have made a dedicated index page with links most of my blogs, you can check it out here.

If you have any questions regarding admission at KTH, please get in touch with the current student ambassadors and follow the current student bloggers to know about the events happening at KTH. You can also follow the KTH International Students Facebook page to get regular updates.