Let me take you to Stockholm

If you intend to attend a Master’s program at KTH, bookmark this page right now, I’ll try to make this a one-stop guide for everything needed; starting from application till your arrival in Stockholm.If you scroll down, you’ll find links blog posts from that I’ve published regarding this. I plan to make it as good as I can.

Please note that I am no longer a blogger at KTH and all these posts have information relevant to 2017. If you are reading this in 2018 or later, please verify if there have been any changes since 2017.

If you’re still not sure about doing Master’s, read these couple of blogs to clear up your head:

Now if you’re sure about going for master’s, go through the following blogs.

Applications and Funding:

  1. Application Process for Master’s at KTH [Autumn 2017]
  2. Finally, it all comes down to money: Expenses and Funding

What to do after results are out?

Pre-departure Guide

  1. Cost of Living as a Student in Stockholm ★ [March 2017]
  2. Let’s go shopping for Sweden ★ [May 2017]
  3. The Ultimate Student Packing List 
  4. 30+ Useful Apps for New Students
  5. Welcome to Stockholm! Arrival days and other important info. [July 2017]

Arrived in Stockholm!! A quick survival guide

  1. STHLM Guide #1: Public Transport in Stockholm
  2. STHLM Guide #2: Exploring Stockholm
  3. STHLM Guide #3: Shopping in Stockholm
  4. STHLM Guide #4: Banking for Students in Stockholm
  5. STHLM Guide #5: Getting a personal number [Aug 2017]
  6. STHLM Guide #6: Healthcare for International Students in Sweden 
  7. STHLM Guide #7: Preparing for winters

Career-Related Stuff

  1. Career options after Master’s in Sweden
  2. Dos and Dont’s for CV & Cover letter in Sweden
  3. Finding Part-time jobs, Summer jobs, and Internships
  4. Master Thesis Hunting guide
  5. How to look for jobs in Sweden

Last Updated: September 2017