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As of September 2017, I have finished my wonderful two-year journey of being a blogger at KTH. In this time, I published more than 100 blog posts of various genres. However, most of the blog posts revolved around three things: Sharing tips and information for new students, Sharing my experience as a student at KTH, and my favorite – sharing pictures from my travels to various countries in Europe.

Being a blog, the posts from these topics are mixed up in the timeline and some of the information might get outdated with time. For ease of exploring among these posts, I have created this home page with an index of most of the blogs segregated according to the genre; This will help people who come here looking for something specific but end up going through a lot of the stuff that they don’t want to see at that point in time. Here’s how I’ve divided the posts:

  • Information Pools: Dedicated information pools with links to blogs related to Admission Guides and Traveling (all those blogs are present here as well)
  • Life in Stockholm: Blog posts sharing my experience as a Stockholmer.
  • Travel Blogs: Plenty of photos and helpful tips from my traveling experiences in Europe. (I highly recommend to read the blog series from my road trip to Norway)
  • Life at KTH: Sharing some unique experiences at KTH.
  • KTH Admission & Pre-departure Guide: Everything you need to know if you plan to apply to KTH.
  • Stockholm Guide: New student in Stockholm, general information about public transport, exploring the town and few more basic things to help you settle down.
  • Career Talks: Some useful career advice for students of KTH, tips for CV and looking jobs, thesis etc. I recommend reading the blog with tips for writing a good CV.

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⚠ – Blog was written with the Autumn 2017 session in mind, the information might be outdated, so it’s better to verify the information.

Information Pools

  • Let me take you to Stockholm
    Everything you need to know if you are planning to study at KTH or if you have gotten admission at KTH. All the information from application procedure to the formalities after getting admission. And a lot of blog posts with tips for new students.
  • Embedded Systems 
    Some basic information about Embedded Systems master’s programme and links to blog posts related to that.
  • My Itchy Travel Feet
    A collection of travel blogs from my travels in Europe
  • FAQ 
    Answers to most of the questions that I recieved from the prospective students in the last two years.

Life in Stockholm

Travel Blogs

  • The Norwegian Odyssey ★★
    I went for a 5 day / 3000-kilometer road trip to Norway with my friends, a lot of pictures from the trip.
  • From Paris with Love 
    Pictures from my first trip outside of Sweden!
  • Spain #1: Barcelona 
    I went for a week to Barcelona in 2016, explored Barcelona for a couple of days.
  • Spain #2: Amazing places near Barcelona 
    In the remainder of the trip, I went to a bunch of day trips outside Barcelona.
  • The Estonian Travel Diary
    I took a cruise trip from Stockholm to Tallin in Christmas 2015. Pictures from the first cruise experience.
  • Italy #1: Trento
    In summer 2016, I went to a summer school in Trento, a beautiful valley in the Italian Alps. I stayed there for two weeks, photos of the amazing places in that area.
  • Italy #2: Riva Del Garda 
    While staying in Trento, I went for a weekend trip to a town a the northern shore of Italy’s biggest take – Riva del Garda, a must visit place for hikers.
  • Italy #3: Venice 
    The best part of our summer school was, we were sponsored a free trip to see Venice.
  • Portugal: Easter trip to Lisbon 
    I had gotten sick of seeing snow for almost 6 months, so decided to go to Portugal and see some sun during the Easter 2017 weekend.
  • Austria: The amazing mountains of Innsbruck
    While going to Italy in 2016, I had traveled via Austria and wanted to go back. In summer of 2017, I decided to go back and explore the place. Turned out to be a good decision.
  • Prague 
    One of my unsuccessful trips, read to know what happened!
  • Exploring Sweden: Sigtuna 
    If you’re living in Stockholm, just one hour away from the city center, Sigtuna is one of the best day trips.
  • Exploring Sweden: Gothenburg
    Photos from the time I came for the first time to my new hometown – Gothenburg.
  • The longest bus journey of my life!
    40 Hours of Traveling 5 Countries (Sweden – Denmark – Germany – Austria – Italy) 2200 kilometers. Sounds interesting, right?
  • TRAVEL TIPS: How to travel perfect budget trips ★★
    Wondering how I managed to travel so much during my masters, read for some tips on managing finances and time.

Life at KTH

KTH Admission and Pre-departure guide

KTH Stockholm Guide

Career Talks