The Norwegian Odyssesy

5 Days • 5 Friends • 1 Car • 3000 kilometers

Drove across tens of Fjords, Tunnels, and Towns
Saw Hundreds of Waterfalls, Mountains, and Valleys
Captured thousands of Photographs

Gathered Uncountable Memories

This is an open secret that going on a road trip to Norway is on the top of bucket list for anyone living in Europe, especially when you live in Sweden. Although, I don’t consider myself as a person with a bucket list. Being a serious procrastinator, I prefer to do things as soon as I can, before they get delayed to the someday list, and never happen. This Norway trip was also one of those, “let’s do it” thing.

Though I’ve traveled a lot since I arrived in Stockholm, I was missing driving a lot. A road-trip was something exciting for sure. We spent a couple of months just planning for the trip, it gets quite tricky when we have to make plan making sure to balance between driving and exploring. Initially, we started with a plan of spending 10 days in Norway, driving in a van, 8-9 people, but then schedules kept clashing and people kept pulling out.

Finally, we agreed upon a 5-day plan with 5 people, and all stays in cabins.

The first plan

we further worked on this to meticulously plan our stays so that we don’t have to drive a lot to get there our last destination of the day and there are no car-ferries to take in the evening. Our final road trip was this:


3000 kilometers spanning the scenic Norwegian fjords, waterfalls, mountains, valleys, river, and glaciers.

Before you go dive into the short blog trip to Norway, watch this compilation of short videos from the trip

Travel Blogs

I decided to ditch the boring Day1 – Day 2 … approach and I’ve written 5 blogs on the basis of the variety of things we saw on this trip! So here’s your visual treat:

  • Driving: Never go with just one driver, it’s not impossible, but if it’s just one person driving then all he’d be doing would be driving and sleeping. Also, make sure that the driver is experienced in driving on narrow mountain roads.
  • Toll: Make sure to register your car for automatic tolls on autopass website.
  • Driving at Night: Most of the Norwegian roads are curvy and comparatively narrow, and yes, they don’t have street lights, so make sure that you have enough driving experience of that, also beware of elks and deer. Don’t go on any route which includes a car ferry after 8 PM.
  • Navigation: Take a car with inbuilt GPS, don’t be dependent on your smartphone GPS, it goes haywire especially when you are driving across a country with a plethora of tunnels. Though the phone GPS comes in handy when driving through cities to give traffic info.
  • Saving money: Norway keeps getting expensive as you move north, have enough food supplies so that buying food doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, best way is to rent all the places where you can cook, I didn’t go for the camping options because who wants to miss a good night sleep after driving all day.

Stay recommendations

All the places where I stayed turned out to be awesome so I can recommend them for sure!

See the photo album from Norway here.