Two weeks in Trento

This summer, I went in Trento in northern Italy, attending a summer school at Uni-Trento. Lot’s of things happened on the trip which made it even more memorable, I took a loooong bus ride to reach Trento from Stockholm, went on a sponsored “study” trip to Venice and even went on a hike to nearby Riva Del Garda. Continue reading “Two weeks in Trento”


A “study trip” to VENICE !!

I remember that in my previous blog, my closing sentence was “I won’t go to Venice or Milan unless someone pays for my ticket”. Guess what, we got the chance to visit Venice for a “Study trip”. Currently, I’m attending a summer school in Italy at the University of Trento, which Includes a study trip as well, and luckily, the plant that we were supposed to visit was just 30 minutes away from Venice. I will skip the details of “Study visit” part of the day for obvious reasons. Continue reading “A “study trip” to VENICE !!”

Sun • Sand • Spain : #1 Barcelona

After my previous trip to Prague got screwed up, I had a couple of lessons, first was not to plan short trips and second was to see the weather forecast very carefully. On top of that, I realised that it doesn’t make much sense if I just go for a weekend to a place and complete a touristy checklist in a day or two and come back. I need to stay longer to soak in the beauty of any place. That’s why, this time, I planned a weeklong stay in Barcelona, most importantly, to satiate my craving for Sun. Continue reading “Sun • Sand • Spain : #1 Barcelona”

From Paris with Love

I have an old habit of wandering off as soon as my exams are over. This time, that habit took me on a trip to Paris.

It’s not easy to explore a place like Paris in a single day, especially when you’re visiting a place for the first time. Luckily, One of my friend who lives in Paris had promised to show me the city, she saved me all the trouble of looking for places in maps and wasting time in getting lost. Continue reading “From Paris with Love”

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