Being the guy with Headphones!

Last summer, I went through a peculiar situation, My flatmate went home to India for the summer, the place where I was doing internship was almost empty because everyone else was on vacation; and I had to travel almost two hours every day, watching the fellow Stockholmers engrossed in their smartphones to get there. Basically, I had things to do, but no-one to talk to, so yeah, I was bored. In this boredom, as usual, music came to my rescue. During this time, I was mostly spending my free time with my audiophile friend Rohit, who convinced me that since I’m listening to music all the time, I must buy some good expensive headphones. After that, we spent almost a month trying out different headphones. After a certain point in time, we had to change the store where we used to go because all of the salespeople know those two guys who would come and try all the headphones over and over! Anyway, finally I ended up buying one of the Sony headphones, and in the months following that, I discovered how a good pair of headphones can transform your choice of music. I have always been a passive listener of music, and here’s the thing with passive listeners, they’re comfortable with music around them during all the times. But, it need not be same all the time, so I tried to use Spotify playlists to sort music according to moods. Continue reading “Being the guy with Headphones!”