Norway #1: Friends • Fjords • Fun

I don’t consider myself as a person with a Bucket List, maybe, because I have a broken bucket, so whatever plans I put in there, just leak out and never happen. So as soon as I realized that it’s possible to drive around Norway with an Indian driving license, I planned a road trip with my friends. Although, when we started with the plan, we were 9 people, planning to take a big Mercedes Vito van and drive around Norway. But, by the time of the trip, it was just 5 of us. So we rented a powerful Volvo V70 and sailed on the road trip of a lifetime.

So in 5 days, we traveled a little shy of 3000 kilometers, drove through and explored over a dozen of cities, drove through hundreds of kilometers of tunnels. And saw such a heavenly country that you can never get tired of watching. I won’t bore you with this text, enjoy the pictures.

We went straight to Oslo from Stockholm to pick our friend, who was waiting for us there with a lot of homemade food.

The real beauty of a road trip is, you can stop anywhere and relax and enjoy the view.

One of the most scenic lunch ever.


Norway is known as the land of Fjords, Trolls, and Vikings! Well, I don’t care much about the latter two, but Fjords for sure were mesmerizing, there are around 1190 Fjords in Norway, and we drove across at least 20 of them.

Geirangerfjord – The king of all fjords

I would rank this as the most beautiful (though quite commercialized) Fjord. Although the drive down the fjord was quite tricky, but we enjoyed the view of Fjord from both sides.

Sognefjorden – The Largest Fjord of Norway!

This one was at Gudvangen a day before, you can’t expect good expressions after being trolled by GPS (I’ll save that story for later)

Sognefjorden stretches 205 kilometers inland and hence there are a lot of towns from where one can enjoy the views of this Fjord. We went to Gudvangen, Flåm and Aurland, we went for a hike in Aurland Valley, here are some pictures.

Trolls and getting trolled

A Norwegian Troll sculpture, you’ll find these everywhere.
And that’s when I got trolled by my luck, fortunately, the lens filter sacrificed its life to save my camera lens.


4 thoughts on “Norway #1: Friends • Fjords • Fun

  1. Tomar..
    Your….Norway #1: Friends • Fjords • Fun….is short sweet with mesmerising pictures.
    Espcially massive Fjords made me claustrophobic..


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